Chips N Salsa ...  4,99 $

Basket of freshly fried tortilla chips and homemade salsa for your snacking enjoyment

    Chips N Queso ...  5,99 $

Jerilyn’s signature white queso dip served with a basket of chips....make it a large for $6.99

    Chips N Salsa N Queso Combination ...  8,99 $

Basket of fresh tortilla chips, salsa, and queso. 

    Mound O’ Nachos ...  8,50 $

Generous pile of nachos topped with white queso and jalapeno slices

    Beef and Cheese Nachos ...  6,50 $

Seasoned, lean ground beef, layered on a bed of our fresh tortilla chips, topped with white queso and jalapenos

    Super Nachos ...  8,50 $

Tortilla chips, layered with beef, topped with queso cheese, lettuce, tomato, and jalapenos

    We offer the following fried appetizers: ...  5,99 $

Fried Green Beans                                            Fried Zucchini

Fried Mushrooms                                              Sweet Potato Fries

Fried Okra                                                       Onion Rings

Fried Pickles                                                    Cheese Sticks

Corn Nugget Basket                                          French Fries


    Buffalo Wings ...  8,99 $

Basket of perfectly seasoned chicken wings served with blue cheese. Ten wings to an order.

    Boneless Buffalo Wings ...  8,99 $

Deliciously seasoned boneless chicken strips tossed in buffalo sauce.  Served with steak fries

    Sliders ...  8,99 $

Perfect little bite sized all beef burgers smothered in onions served with cheese. 5 to an order. YUM! 

    Bacon Cheddar Fries ...  6,50 $

That’s right! Deep fried steak fries smothered in bacon & cheese. Not for the faint of heart!

    Queso Fries ...  6,50 $

Your favorite deep fried potatoes topped with Jerilyn’s homemade queso.

    Chili Cheese Fries ...  6,50 $

Golden brown steak fries topped with homemade chili and our famous white queso cheese

    Ranch Style Fries ...  6,50 $

Golden brown steak fries, drizzled in ranch dressing, topped with cheddar cheese and bacon

    Sampler Platter ...  9,99 $

Pick 3 of any of the following choices to create a sampler platter to suit your taste.

Fried Green Beans, Fried Mushrooms, Fried Okra, Fried Pickles, Fried Zucchini, Corn Nuggets, or Cheese Sticks, to have a large sample platter of 16oz of taste appetizers to please anyone

    Brewers Platter ...  14,99 $

4 Beer Samples of your choice, 2 Sausage Links, French Fries, Onion Rings, Cheese Sticks, Pickle Spears, & Cubed Cheese,  $ 14.99.  No Substitutions!

    Tortilla Wrap ...  4,99 $

A large flour tortilla, with grilled chicken, swiss cheese, diced tomatoes, and ranch dressing, and heated on the grill for that perfect flavor

    Lettuce Wrap ...  4,99 $

A large leaf of fresh Romaine lettuce, layered with 2 slices of peppered turkey, swiss cheese, pico de gallo, lemon pepper, and Caesar dressing, under 200 calories. 

    Grilled Chicken Breast **Gluten Free** ...  8,99 $

Lean grilled chicken breast, topped with Swiss Cheese, and Pearl’s special green salsa, (just a little spicy), served with a fresh side salad.  

    Grilled Beef Patty **Gluten Free** ...  6,99 $

Lean grilled beef patty, topped with grilled onions, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, and Swiss cheese, served with a side salad.  

    Ann’s Healthy Chicken ...  8,99 $

Lean grilled chicken breast, topped with avocado slices, and lemon pepper.   Served with a side salad.  

    House salad ...  6,99 $

generous serving of fresh iceberg lettuce topped with tomatoes, & shredded cheese.            

    Caesar salad ...  6,99 $

cool crisp romaine lettuce tossed with fresh parmesan cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing. add grilled chicken for just $2.00 more

    Ruben ...  7,95 $

toasted rye bread piled with fresh corned beef piled high and topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing

    Combo ...  6,95 $

freshly toasted bread layered with turkey, bacon, ham, lettuce, cheese and tomato, & mayo.

    BLT ...  6,95 $

You’re favorite! Perfectly grilled bacon topped with cool crisp lettuce and tomato, cheese & mayo

    Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich ...  9,00 $

Hand breaded chicken fried steak, mayo, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato, served on a warm bun.

    Buffalo Chicken Burger ...  7,99 $

Lean grilled chicken patty, smothered in Swiss Cheese, Buffalo sauce, and ranch dressing, comes on a sesame bun with pickles

    Bar D Dipper ...  8,99 $

Lean, perfectly seasoned roast beef, stacked with lots of meat, and layered with cheese, on top of a hoagie roll, served with a delightfully seasoned Anjou sauce, perfect for dipping.


All sandwiches served with chips

    Taquitos ...  6,99 $

Beef taquitos topped with queso, a blend of lettuce and tomatoes served with ranch

    Steak Finger Basket ...  7,99 $

country favorite! Generous serving of steak fingers fries and gravy

    Chicken Strip Basket ...  7,99 $

fried to perfection your favorite and mine served with gravy and fries

    Pearl’s Spicy Chicken ...  7,99 $

deep fried chicken strips topped with queso, pico & a side of fries

    Stuffed Avocado ...  7,99 $

Fresh avocado topped with grilled chicken breast, fresh tomato, white queso cheese and bacon bits

    Chicken Fried Steak ...  9,99 $

Hand Battered Chicken fried steak patty, topped with gravy, served with fried potatoes, Texas toast, & side salad,  or any side of your choice. 

    Patty Melt ...  7,99 $

Two lean beef patties, grilled, and topped with American cheese, served on top of grilled Texas toast.

    Wade Special ...  7,99 $

Two lean beef patties, topped with grilled jalapenos, onions, and American cheese, served with a French fries. 

    Buffy’s Stuffed Pepper ...  8,25 $

Fresh poblano pepper, secretly cooked and stuffed with seasoned beef, topped with white queso and shredded cheese, served with chips and our famous salsa

    Destinee’s Chicken Tacos ...  7,99 $

Corn tortillas, lightly fried, stuffed with grilled chicken, guacamole, cheese, & green salsa, 3 to an order

    16OZ RIBEYE ...  26,99 $

 Perfect hand cut reserve plus, prime beef, cooked to your order; this steak comes with a salad, bread and  baked potato.  No substitutions please! 

    The Hamburger ...  6,00 $

Quarter pound of pure beef hand patted and loaded with your choice or all of the above.

    Cheese Burger ...  6,50 $

Quarter pound of pure beef hand-patted and loaded with your choice or all of the above

    Mushroom Swiss Burger ...  6,99 $

Quarter pound of pure beef topped with mushrooms, sautéed onions, tomatoes, and melted Swiss cheese & mayo. Mmm Mmm Good!

    Bacon Cheese Burger ...  7,50 $

Quarter Pound of your favorite burger coupled with a generous portion of perfectly grilled bacon

    Chili Cheese Burger ...  7,50 $

Quarter pound all beef burger smothered in Bar D’s white queso and homemade chili, tomatoes, & onions. House Favorite! 

    Chicken Strip Sandwich ...  6,99 $

Sesame bun topped with fresh fried chicken strips, pickles, mayo and Swiss cheese.

    Green Chili Cheese Burger ...  7,50 $

char broiled beef patty, loaded with roasted green chili peppers, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions.

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Burger ...  7,50 $

Char-broiled chicken breast loaded with bacon and topped with Swiss cheese, Served on a sesame bun with ranch dressing. 

    Bar D Big Mouth Burger ...  8,99 $

two lean beef patties layered with grilled onions, barbeque sauce and cheddar cheese, stacked on a layer of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles

    Mud Slide Burger ...  8,99 $

two lean beef patties on a sesame bun, with chili, cheese, onions, & tomatoes on the inside, and smothered in chili and cheese on the outside, it is a messy piece of heaven

    Loaded Guacamole Burger ...  8,99 $

two lean beef patties served on a hoagie bun, topped with American and swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and of course, guacamole.

    Catfish ...  10,00 $

Catfish Served with Fries, Hushpuppies, Slaw & Beans!

No Substitutions

11a -9p

    Choose from any of the following: ...  4,99 $

Chicken Strips

Steak Fingers

Hamburger or Cheeseburger on a slider bun

Grilled Cheese

Mini Corn Dogs


All are the perfect size serving for the little ones and are served with French Fries.


Larry’s Specialty Brew


Blonde Armadillo, Hoppin Jalapeno, Little Girl, Rabbit Hole, Pecan Bottom Ale, Honey’s WheatIndian Pale Ale, Rough Stock Red, Double Down Brown, & River Bottom Porter.



Wine by the glass $6.00

Whites: Albarino, Skinny Dippin, Texas Well Water          

                                                 Blush: Bridal Blush

Red: Back Porch Sittin, Home Sweet Home, Tioja, Cabernet Savignon


Sangria Special (sweet red wine loaded with orange, cherries and lime) $6.00

Senorita Wine-A-Rita $6.00

Frozen Sangria $6.00

Beer-A-Rita $8.00


Domestic Beer


Coors Light, Bud Light, Select 55, Michelob Ultra, Michelob Ultra Amber, Corinitas, Dos Equis


Bottles- $ 3.00

Cans- $ 2.50

Dos Equis- $ 3.70

Dos Equis 7oz $2.00

Coronitas- $ 2.50

Pitcher of Any Draft Beer  $12.00



Try Larry’s Homemade Root Beer

Served in a frosty glass for $ 2.00

Add a scoop of ice cream for only $ 1.00 more! 

 Tea, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite all -1.95


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